Melodic/Ethereal Techno

Melodic diggers radio show – Episode 002 (Telassi guest mix)

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Tarek El-Assi a.k.a Telassi Born in 1988 , a musical producer ,live performer & Dj
Originally from Lebanon / Beirut , based in Egypt / Sinai peninsula .
Started performing on stages since 2007 , found himself seeking exploring soundscapes ,
worked with different independent artists on their own projects as producer & composer ,
lately was creating his own originals in a different variety of genres ,
Telassi studied Advanced music production in berkeley music school online
for his love of creating sounds & arranging , found himself digging into electronic sounds & from there he lets the music takes control

Melodic diggers radio show – Episode 002 (Telassi guest mix) crew

Dj / Producer


A single vibration in pitch darkness giving birth to a new universe. A path forward without looking back. Certainty within every step into a realm where sound is tangible.

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