Melodic/Ethereal Techno


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TTR Daily Radio show 4:30 am trending_flat 5:38 am

Toronto-based artist focusing on variety of Electronica, chiefly Melodic
House & Techno. Aya goes deep in your mind through his music, starting
from the day-to-day impressions including what can be marked as
“nostalgias” as an inspiration. The goal here is for music to take
you through a theatrical journey of mind stemming from the past and the
perceived future but in the “now” of yourself. His unique approach
to sets takes you on a trip that makes you brush off the time and place,
and get lost in melody and groove.
“Sunset2Sunrise | Under the Stars” is his latest music project, a
continuous stage that overcomes the normal boundaries of music curation.
S2S episodes were meant to be a reflection of his music taste as a
curator to the audience, which evolved to become a “decentralized
community”, indirectly affecting and seeding where the project is
headed. This “feedback” is highlighted through the adoption of live
or hybrid sets in each episode, experiencing with different instruments,
and balancing music improvisations.

This set is the first experience of S2S in a radio format, dedicated to
all music lovers! Enjoy your trip and hope to see you in the next season
of S2S.

DEEPMINDS Guest mix by AYA HOLLA crew

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