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A single vibration in pitch darkness giving birth to a new universe. A path forward without looking back. Certainty within every step into a realm where sound is tangible. A trip from beginning to end, every track tells a story, illustrating a journey into a new dimension; In it the will to create and reverberate into harmonious existence. Submerge into a mist of enchanting melodies and a heart-thumping baseline, entwined into an atmosphere culminating in synesthesia. From the rubble of a crumbling Beirut. This is AXIKI. I drew inspiration from the concept of creation, the notion of making something new and unique, a permanent imprint on the world in an audible form. I was a fan of psychedelic music in the past. It was a genre I found interesting and unique. My transition away from it occurred after a Halloween party that was hosting Agents of Time. There my idea of techno transformed into something more personal; I wanted to create an audible journey or adventure, and I finally knew the medium to do so.

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Dj / Producer


Global online electronic music radio in Middle East dedicated to TechnoTehran Records, a record company based in  (DUBAI/TEHRAN) which has started its activity since 2017. We integrate music and love and share it with electronic music lovers.