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Alessio Pennati


Alessio’s new signature sound is unconventional and it’s full of emotions and sensations. His feelings become melodic, evocative and nostalgic sounds which takes you on a journey in between reality and imagination. Simple but hypnotic rhythmics together with intense and melancolic synth give life to an effective and identified groove.
 Although it might seem he is new to the scene, his passion and dedication to music is timeless. He started producing 7 years ago, experiencing various sonorities to nally nd his own definitive identity. 
Thanks to his ispiration and to his strength of will, Alessio has become armed and established in the melodic techno music scene by receiving the support of artists such as Fideles, Agents of Time, Dizharmonia, Sarcasmo, Cattaree, Fat Cosmoe, Oibaf and Wallen, Wurtz, Iberian Muse, Eleven of July and many more. Alessio Pennati started his project in 2015 but the very big changes has been in 2019 when he decided to explore the more melodic part of techno.
His very rst release of change came on Amazing Records of his friends Many Reason in 2020 with his EP “Sense Of Rebirth”. They have already releases in huge labels like Androgyne Audio, Awen Tales and soon big news of new release on great label. Subsequently, with the release on Androgyne Audio, label of Dizharmonia, reaching number 83 and 93 in the Hype Top 100 Melodic House and Techno with your tracks “Synergy Wave” and “Mystical Way”. The last track was played by Fideles at Sanctus in Mykonos in september 2020. Important collaborations for this ep were the remix of his friend Wurtz and Iberian muse. He is collaborating with one of the most important music schools in Milan “Wave Production Academy” for the creation of dedicated sound packages and masterclasses on music production.

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Dj / Producer


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