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Dj / Producer


Reza Golroo started music production about 2010 as a hobby. It was in 2014 that his first track got signed by a reputable house music record label Karmic Power Records since then everything got much more serious for him and he started making music most of his time.

Dj / Producer


Aya-Holla is a musical “NOTE”, makes songs, but never sings. Toronto based artist focusing on a variety of electronic music, chiefly melodic house & techno.

Dj / Producer

Kade B

Kade B is a music producer & DJ. Melodic Techno & Progressive House are his favorite styles and they inspire his vast imagination and creativity.

Dj / Producer

Sascha Trimpe

Sascha Trimpe, a deejay and producer, takes the masses with his music into the world of progressive of progressive melodic techno. Sascha was born in "Lohne" in Lower Saxony and developed a love for music quite early.

Dj / Producer

Tamer Fouda

Pitching clubs & festivals since 2005 in his home country Egypt as well as many other countries as Bulgaria, Colombia, Portugal, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Turkey and others.

Dj / Producer


Doguez is an extension of his body in connection with art, on his project he has a subtle trend to melodic harmonies and introspective atmospheres, a deep sonority where he can express all his thoughts and feelings by the music.

Dj / Producer

Alessio Pennati

Alessio’s new signature sound is unconventional and it’s full of emotions and sensations. His feelings become melodic, evocative and nostalgic sounds which takes you on a journey in between reality and imagination.


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Melodic/Ethereal Techno

Monophase Guest on TTR Showcase

11:39 am - 12:39 pm


Monophase Guest on TTR Showcase

Francesco and Davide, two Italian djs and producers, melted their talents, giving life to the Monophase project, with the distinct dark atmosphere and vigorous sound. Curabitur id lacus felis. Sed justo mauris, auctor eget tellus nec, pellentesque varius mauris. Sed eu congue nulla, et tincidunt justo. Aliquam semper faucibus odio id varius. Suspendisse varius laoreet sodales.


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